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This is strictly business

June 15, 2005

I’m out by the road today, bringing the trash cans back from the road, and I hear a ruckus (what ruckus?…Could you describe the ruckus?). Birds – lots of ’em, and it sounds like they’re not getting along too well. Anyway, I stand there for a minute or two when they all of a sudden fly out of the tree. I see some smaller birds flee and then a larger one – carrying one of the smaller ones! The bigger bird flies over the house and drops the smaller bird on the other side (I was reminded of the Nazgul attack on Minas Tirith scene in Return of the King!). I go to the other side to see what became of the smaller bird. There he (she) lay, in the rain filled lid to our turtle sandbox — dead. The conclusion? The bigger bird (a robin) has now made his bones by whacking the little bird and is now caporegime of our block! (cue theme music as robin is shown sitting in chair in darkened room. camera pulls back as door closes.)