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So Long (and thanks for all the cheese)

June 27, 2006

It’s over.  I was kind of disappointed the chase didn’t go on longer.  This morning my two sons and I came downstairs and checked our traps in the living room and family room….nothing.  Then we checked the fake-cheese-baited mousetrap (with real cheese on top, of course) under the kitchen sink, and found a flipped over trap with mouse firmly attached.  So I think we just moved up a spot on the most intelligent life-form list.

The End(?)


Don’t Panic

June 26, 2006

It appears the most intelligent lifeform on the planet earth has set up camp in our house!  (Hitchhiker’s Guide fans will know what I’m talking about). 

Any suggestions for getting rid of them?


June 17, 2006

If you haven't already, go see "Cars".  Better yet, go see it at the Drive-In like we did.  Be sure to stick around for the credits (one of the funniest sequences I've seen – and no, it's NOT "outtakes").  Also check out the official site.  They made some very creative print ads for the movie (click on View Ads.)

Free Weird Al Song!

June 17, 2006

Weird Al's new song "You're Pitiful" is available for free at his website.  So go get it…it's free. 

Leave the gun, take the cannoli.

June 11, 2006


I sat next to a guy at a wedding this weekend who looked just like Clemenza from the Godfather.

"Hey Paulie!  More wine!"

Disney 2.0

June 6, 2006

Check out this article about John Lasseter, the genius behind Pixar.  He has some very cool insights into what makes Pixar movies so successful.