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O, Wretched Apostrophe…

September 28, 2006

Went to the county fair last night.  Here are some highlights in the world of grammar (including my friend the apostrophe):

1.   In the horse barn, a sign proclaimed that they were “not responsible for accident’s” (whose accidents?  Accident’s accidents).

2.   Apparently, something belonged to the inanimate firearms at JT Gun’s (the gun’s trigger perhaps?).

3.  Finally, someone actually paid for a sign that said “ATM Machine” (read:  Automatic Teller Machine Machine.  Was it the machine that made the machines?!).

I think that anytime someone presses the apostrophe key on the keyboard, a window should pop up saying “Are you sure you want to use this?  You may be giving possession to something that doesn’t exist.”  Anyway, I gotta go.  My school is serving taco’s for lunch.


A Little Contest

September 25, 2006

I picked up David Crowder’s new book Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven (But Nobody Wants To Die).  It’s a great read so far.  In the intro he says, “We had at one time in our possession a band name formula that would have shown itself foolproof.  It involved a number, a mammal, and a color, not necessarily in that order.”  So I want to know who can come up with the best band name using that formula.  Winner gets two dollars and a Casio.

The Mainstreaming of Christian Music

September 22, 2006

My wife and I watched the season premiere of “Grey’s Anatomy” last night.  During the final scene, the song that was playing sounded awfully familiar.  That’s because it was Christian singer Mat Kearny’s “All I Need”.  Earlier, during a commercial break, there was a Superchic(k) song playing during a promo for another ABC show.  I just think it’s so cool that during the last few years especially, Christian music has reached or exceeded the level of quality seen in mainstream music, so much that it is used in all types of mainstream media. 

Hold Up, Wait A Minute

September 19, 2006

FF5 logoI picked up Family Force 5’s album “Business Up Front/Party in the Back” this weekend.  They are kind of a mix between Beck, Beastie Boys, and Thousand Foot Krutch.  Their website has a very cool look to it (sideways scroll anyone?)  (You can even pop a virtual cassette into the virtual gettoblaster).  Still not convinced?  Take a look at their performance on Craig Ferguson or their “Love Addict” video

The force is strong with this one…

September 15, 2006

I finally got to play the new Lego Star Wars II last night (even though I bought it on Tuesday – more on that later).  What an awesome game!  First of all, for anyone who grew up with the movies, it takes you back to when you first saw them.  I found myself smiling like a little kid the whole time I was playing it (alongside my smiling five year old – we take turns playing).  The game follows all of the action from the first three movies, with a little bit of Python-esque humor thrown in (Han does shoot first, but a little differently than you may remember).  The game also has some new moves such as Chewbacca’s pulling-arms-out-of-sockets move where he climbs on top of a stormtrooper and…well, you know. 

Anyway, the reason I just played it is because Tuesday when I went to install it on my computer, I got a message saying that a file on the disc was corrupt.  So I thought I was stuck with a $30 defective disc, which according to the Fargo-accented guy in the Wal-Mart electronics section, “Caen’t be returned, ya know, because, ya know, it’s got these codes that you caen copy onto your compeuter.”  So, luckily after searching on the LucasArts discussion board I found this fix, which finally installed the game.  The game is available for every platform but Mac, so if you don’t have it yet, go get it.

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

September 13, 2006

Congratulations goes out to the 500th visitor to my blog – my brother Joel!  His prize package includes two dollars and a Casio!

Random Thought

September 12, 2006

Where can you buy those dividers for supermarket checkout lanes, and how do they know you want to buy them?

You serious, Clark?

September 12, 2006

Now, I don’t know if this is for real, but some gallery thinks they’re funny by displaying the “skeletons” of some of our most beloved cartoon characters.  What are you going to tell me next, Optimus Prime wasn’t really a robot/semi truck? 

Not necessarily the news…

September 11, 2006

So I was watching Fox “News” this weekend (you know, for the stories that fall through the cracks on E! news daily).  I was watching a debate between a republican guy and a Democrat lady about the “war” on “terror”.  During the story I noticed every time the repub. guy spoke, he would be shown full screen.  Every time the Dem. lady would speak, the screen would split and on the right hand side would be continuous videos of roadside car bombs exploding.  Now, to be truly “fair and balanced”, during the guy’s talking, shouldn’t they show aerial flybys of the Katrina disaster or at least a loop of Bush in the flight suit? 

Bring Tha Noize

September 5, 2006


On my first day back to teaching, I give you this..the immortal words of Chuck D and Flavor Flav-

“Back-caught you lookin’ for the same thing
It’s a new thing-check out this I bring
Uh-oh the roll below the level
‘Cause I’m livin’ low
Next to the bass (c’mon)
Turn up the radio”