“You ask Stan Grossman, he’ll tell ya the same thing!”

Little Miss Sunshine

I watched “Little Miss Sunshine” this past weekend. It has got to be one of the funniest and at the same time most well put together movie I have seen in a long time. It is aslo one of the best dark comedies since “Fargo”, which brings me to my point – both movies have a character named Stan Grossman. Coincidence?


13 Responses to ““You ask Stan Grossman, he’ll tell ya the same thing!””

  1. Alex Says:

    I realized the same thing. Doubt there’s any intention of it being the same guy. Not only do they look completely different (ok, ok, so do Sean Connery and Daniel Craig) but one is in Minnesota and has a MN accent, and the other is in Arizona and has a neutral accent. I wouldn’t be surprised though if the LMS director was a Fargo fan.

  2. Octothorn Says:

    Ok, I was looking for the connection, which is why I was looking for the connection and found this page.

    I also felt there was an eerie connection between William H. Macy and the words “The Scottsdale account”. These words don’t appear in Fargo, but there is reference to a Scottsdale account in Little Miss Sunshine. I can’t remember the film, but it is floating out there somewhere.

  3. Octothorn Says:

    Incidentally, I am sure there is a significant amount of material from the film “Vacation” thrown in.

  4. Greg’s Words of Wisdom Says:

    […] check this just to make sure.  While googling Stan Grossman I found out that I was indeed right, and that someone had already noted this in a WordPress blog of their own.  Luckily, nothing much was said about it, so I don’t have to worry about being cited for […]

  5. Dan Says:

    If I remember Fargo correctly, don’t both Stan Grossmans represent like failed prospects or something? If you ask me, it was an intentional thematic homage by the makers of Little Miss Sunshine.

  6. jono Says:

    Yeah i notice this after watching fargo again last night, well my girlfriend picked up on it. I think it was definitely intentional, a homage if you will.
    In both cases Stan Grossman is the mystery business man, who the main character is relying on for a business deal to take place. Definitely intentional.

  7. Daniel Says:

    We’re watching “Fargo” in my Film Appreciation class, and I could’ve sworn that I’d heard the name Stan Grossman, and I thought about it until I remembered that the same name is also in “Little Miss Sunshine”…

  8. Nico Says:

    Yes, I have just watched Fargo and I have also noticed that !
    (All your gravatars resemble cards of the game Jungle Speed : http://www.JungleSpeed.com !)

  9. Ariel Says:

    Yes, and Toni Colette is a clon of Frances Mc Dormand, and both films have two Directors each one…. and…

  10. WAMPWAMP Says:

    Stan Grossman is a classic, Golden, middle-aged white bread name. Got snowed in and watched fargo only to come through the same route as all of you. Glad people are paying attention, and hopefully this name will continue to pop up in the future of cinema.

  11. grob Says:

    my brothers name is Stan Grossman….. he’s a nice guy. :>)

  12. TerranRich Says:

    It was intentionally done as a tribute to the Fargo character. See: http://annex.wikia.com/wiki/Stan_Grossman_(character)

  13. Psychology Says:


    […]“You ask Stan Grossman, he’ll tell ya the same thing!” « Watch Out For Snakes![…]…

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