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Snake of the Week

March 9, 2007

Where to start….oh, yes – here’s the headline: “Gingrich Admits To Affair While Pursuing Clinton Over Lewinsky”.  Then there’s the place he admitted to doing this – on James Dobson’s “Focus on the Family”!  Priceless.  Newt’s appearance on Dobson’s show has nothing to do with the fact he’s running for President.  Ya hear me IRS?  So don’t go yanking Dobson’s tax exempt status!  I’m sure J.D. would be glad to have another fellow Christian such as Barack Obama on his show in the future, right?  So for those of you keeping track at home –

Christian + Married Once + Democrat = Straight To Hell. 

Christian + Thrice Married + Republican = Candidate for Sainthood (and guest spot on J.D.’s radio show!)

Newt Gingrich + James Dobson = A Great Couple and…Eegah’s Snakes of the Week!