Is Digital TV Really Better?

It’s pretty obvious that the digital TV switch is already here.  I especially noticed this  last night watching the Grammys.  (By the way, I called Album of the Year when “Raising Sand” came out – Take that Pete!).  Anyway, on the CBS feed out of Toledo, about every 5 minutes or so the audio and video would stutter, causing the picture to pixellate.  The audio from the CBS Detroit feed wasn’t any better, sounding like the reverb was cranked up.  Also, any time the stage lights would flash, you could clearly see a pixellated pattern.

Over the past few months, on nearly all the network channels we currently have the audio sounds watery, like a low quality mp3.  When there is a sports program on, the players have a jaggy outline around them.  All of this is on our 27 inch Zenith that is about 9 years old.  I understand that hi-def looks better, but I’m holding on to the TV till it dies rather than spend 5 times what a TV should cost.  (I’ll have a separate post later on the racket that is the flat TV market).

So has anyone else noticed this?  Is this what we have to look forward to after the “big switch”?


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