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Where a kid can be a kid (and a parent can be totally oblivious)

November 26, 2010

Theory:  At any given time at a Chuck E. Cheese there will always be at least one hyper unsupervised kid running around while mom or dad sit at a booth totally unaware of the chaos around them.

Proof:  The other day, we took the kids to said pizza/entertainment establishment at a little after 10:00 a.m. on a Wednesday.  It was just us and another family there at that hour.  Surely my theory wouldn’t hold true, right?  Let me paint a picture:  mom sits at a table eating a salad (who does that at 10 a.m.?), we are at the prize counter when one of her kids runs up to us begging for more tokens.  It took him an unusual amount of time before he realized we weren’t his family.  But the topper – as we were leaving, two of the boys were running up the ski-ball ramp dunking the balls into the 10,000 point ring while mom continued to eat her salad (after 40 minutes, it still wasn’t gone!)

And so my theory still stands…